Pet Portraits by Cherie
Realistic pet portrait drawings of dogs, cats, parrots, horses and other exotic pets

Makes a GREAT gift!

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Pet Portrait Galleries

Dog Portrait Galleries
Dog Gallery 1   Dog Gallery 2    Dog Gallery 3   Dog Gallery 4  
Dog Gallery 5   Dog Gallery 6
Dog Gallery 7  Dog Gallery 8     Dog Gallery 9  Dog Gallery 10  Dog Gallery 11  Dog Gallery12
Dog Gallery 13  Dog Gallery 14  Dog Gallery 15  Dog Gallery 16  Dog Gallery 17  Dog Gallery 18
Dog Gallery 19  Dog Gallery 20  Dog Gallery 21  Dog Gallery 22  Dog Gallery 23  Dog Gallery 24

Dog Gallery 25  Dog Gallery 26  Dog Gallery 27  Dog Gallery 28  Dog Gallery 29  Dog Gallery 30
Dog Gallery 31  Dog Gallery 32  Dog Gallery 33  Dog Gallery 34  Dog Gallery 35  Dog Gallery36
Dog Gallery 37  DogGallery 38  Dog Gallery 39

Alaskan Malamute Portrait and Awards Page

Cat Portrait Galleries
Cat Gallery 1  Cat Gallery 2  Cat Gallery 3  Cat Gallery 4  Cat Gallery 5  Cat Gallery 6  Cat Gallery 7
Cat Gallery 8  Cat Gallery 9  Cat Gallery 10  Cat Gallery 11  Cat Gallery 12  Cat Gallery 13  Cat Gallery 14  Cat Gallery 15

Horse Portrait Gallery
Horse Gallery 1
  Horse Gallery 2  Horse Gallery 3

Parrots, Horses and Exotic Pet Portrait Galleries
Parrot/Exotics Gallery 1   Parrot/Exotics Gallery 2   Parrot/Exotics Gallery 3   Parrot/Exotics Gallery 4
Parrot/Exotics Gallery 5   Parrot/Exotics Gallery 6   Parrot/Exotics Gallery 7  Parrot/Exotics Gallery 8 Parrot/Exotics Gallery 9

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