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About the Artist and Pet Portraits

     Cherie Vergos - Pet Portrait Artist

A portrait is a wonderful keepsake to treasure for a lifetime!

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  Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Cherie Vergos, I specialize in drawing portraits of pets. I put this little biography together for you, so you can learn something about me, and know who you are doing business with.  Following this short biography are "Frequently Asked Questions" about my hand-drawn Pet Portraits. I invite you to read them, as they may answer any questions you may have.

   I live in upstate New York. I have been fortunate to have experienced living in different states around our country during the last 20 years, but New York is where I call home. I am owned and loved by a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and an African Grey parrot!
   I have had 15 years of experience working as an animal artist, and I also created and designed this website, "Pet Portraits by Cherie Vergos".


Memberships and Art Shows:

2011 Juried Art Show Clifton Park, NY  (Horse Portrait Entry)

Verksted Art Gallery, WA  (Pet Portrait Demonstration)

American Kennel Club Artist's Registry 

 Canine Art Guild

World Artist Directory

 ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

World Wildlife Fund. 

  My pet portraits were featured in both 2008 "AKC Family Dog and Gazette" magazines, 2006 Kitsap Reporter newspaper, 2006 "Dog's Life Magazine", Fall 2004 Spiegel Catalog, "Bird Talk" magazine, as well as my web site mentioned in the "MTV Cribs" book. My love of animals is what prompted me to choose this career, and I truly enjoy capturing the priceless faces of pets in my artwork!

  The joy my work has brought to many pet owners around the country is a constant source of inspiration and pride for me, and I would love the opportunity to create a portrait of your special companion as well. Just like humans, no two animal faces are alike, and they all have a unique character and personality about them. I would love to capture that essence for you.   

  I offer top-notch customer service and timely responsiveness to each and every client who commissions a pet portrait from me.

Portrait Demonstration- Verksted Art Gallery, Poulsbo, WA     Juried Art Show Clifton Park, NY

Portrait Demonstration -Verksted Art Gallery, WA

2011 Juried Art Show, Clifton Park, NY

See examples of photos and compare them to their finished portrait

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Photo Corgi Dog
Original Photo
Pembroke Welsh Corgi


Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Portrait painting
Finished Pet Portrait
(portraits are not framed)

Click here to see larger image


Cherie demonstrated her colored pencil technique at the Verksted Art Gallery in Poulsbo, WA.  Click here to read the newspaper article the "Bremerton Patriot" and "Central Kitsap Reporter" wrote about her

Frequently asked Questions about Custom Pet Portraits

Ordering a portrait is EASY! 

Pick out what portrait size you want Portrait Sizes and Prices , read my Order Form and email me your digital photos or send your photos in the mail. I will return all photos sent back to you unharmed with your finished portrait!

Your complete satisfaction is very important to me, and that's why all my portraits are 100% guaranteed! You will even receive a scan of your portrait, for your approval, before I mail it out to you.

What materials do you use to draw the portraits?

  I draw all of my portraits in Prismacolor® colored pencils and pastels for the backgrounds.
I occasionally will use a bit of acrylic paint for highlights in white (ie: whiskers, fur highlights).
I find this works best in bringing out the details in fur and other areas that need highlighting to create the most realistic and accurate drawing of your pet. Your finished portrait is then sprayed with a clear, fine-mist fixative to help ensure it's long life and protection. All portraits are drawn on heavyweight, acid-free (paper will not yellow) Strathmore paper.

Also see: Creating a Portrait

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Which photos are best to send to you of my pet? Photo Tips?

  Please send at least 2 clear and up-close photos of your pet's face. It's best to take photos of your pet outside in natural light. Using a flash indoors can wash out your pet's true coloring, and cause red-eye.  Focus on your pet's face, and get as much of the face and neck area in your photo without cropping off the ears. Try to take the photos at your pet's level, without him having to look up at you unless that's the way you want it to look in your portrait.  Additional pets, features, or backgrounds can be combined from separate photographs, and elements such as unwanted backgrounds, collars and leashes can be omitted.

  If your pet won't sit still for you, try holding up his favorite toy near your camera so your pet's attention is directed where you want it to be.

  *The more clear and focused your photo is, the more accurate your portrait will be. If your photo is blurry or the pet is very small in the photo, I will have to do a lot of guesswork on the detail, and your portrait won't be as accurate as it could be.
 A good rule of thumb: In the photo, the head of your pet should be at least the size of a quarter. In addition, the subject should take up 1/2 to 2/3 of the whole photograph.

Click here to see the making of a Golden Retriever portrait

Click here to see the making of a Rottweiler/Lab portrait

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What portrait sizes do you offer?

 My pet portraits are available in 4 sizes:

  •   8" x 10" - Fits 1 animal head in portrait, or whole body of small mammal or bird.
  • 11" x 14" - Fits up to 3 animal heads in portrait, or 2 whole bodies
  • 14" x 17" - Fits up to 4 animal heads in portrait, or up to 2 whole bodies
  • 16" x 20" - Fits up to 5 animal heads in portrait, or up to 3-4 whole bodies.
  • Birds and Small Mammals- Because of their size, I can fit more of them in a portrait than described above in the 11x14, 14x17 and 16x20. 

*  If you are not sure what size you need for your portrait, please contact with me and I can make some suggestions. If you have a specific portrait size in mind that isn't listed above, I can easily custom-draw a certain size for you.  

Also see: Portrait Prices

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Can I have this matted and framed?

  I do not mat and frame the portraits myself because it's risky to ship with the glass in the frame.  I think it's best if you pick out a mat and frame of your choice for your portrait after  you receive it.  Frames and pre-cut mat board can be purchased from any arts & crafts store or department store, if you like. ( ie: K-Mart, Wal-Mart etc..) Those stores sell pre-cut mat board and frames in different sizes at very reasonable prices.  Of course you can always have your portrait professionally matted and framed if you wish.

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How long will it take to draw the portrait?

  I usually can draw your portrait in one week. However, if I am backed up with orders for the holidays, I will let you know- it may take 2-3 weeks. While I'm drawing your portrait, I will email scans of your portrait to you so you can see how it's coming along, and for you to make any changes or suggestions if need be. You will see a final scan of your portrait before it's mailed out to you.

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How do I order and pay for my portrait?

  You can email your portrait information to me (what size, how many pets will be in portrait, head or full-body portrait).  You can send your photographs along with your payment, or send a digital image as an email .jpg attachment.  Please include any additional information including desired changes, etc. with your image.

  I accept payment through PayPal, money order, or cashiers check (bank check). Money orders can be easily purchased at most convenience stores, grocery stores, Wal-Mart or K-Mart. Sorry, I do not take personal checks. You can send your photographs of your pet along with your payment, or email digital photos.  All photos mailed to me are returned back to you unharmed with your finished portrait. Because drawing a portrait is a large commitment on my part, I ask for full payment with your order to ensure the sincerity of the request.  I do not deposit your payment until you have approved of the final portrait and are 100% satisfied with it.
Image copyright is retained by the artist. However, if I intend to put the image of your portrait in my online gallery, I will ask for your permission first.

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What is your return policy if I'm not satisfied?

  I guarantee all my work to be done to your satisfaction or your money will be refunded in full. During the process of making your portrait, I will email you scans of your portrait to get your input, and make any changes necessary before it's completion. You will receive a scan of your portrait for your approval, or suggest any changes to be made. This helps ensure that you are happy with your portrait before it's mailed out to you.

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 I would love the opportunity to create a portrait for you of your pet.
If you have any other questions, or would like more information,
please feel free to email me.


Cherie Vergos    24 Hollandale Lane   Clifton Park, NY  12065

Copyright on all commissioned portraits are retained by Cherie Vergos, and cannot be reproduced in any way without express written consent from the artist.

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