Pet Portraits by Cherie
Realistic pet portrait drawings of dogs, cats, parrots, horses and other exotic pets

Makes a GREAT gift!

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 Your favorite photo hand-drawn into a Pet Portrait work of art!

Here you can see examples of how realistic my portraits look, just like their original photo!
Pet Portraits are wonderful because I can draw in any color background you want, or even detailed scenic backgrounds or even their favorite toy! I can also include pets that are in separate photos! If you have two or more dogs, in different photos, I can combine them into ONE portrait. Read what each pet owner said when they received their portrait!

English Bulldog Photo        English bulldog Dog Painting Portrait

Sebastian's (the English Bulldog) original photo I received via email (left), used as a reference.  Next to his photo you'll see Sebastian's finished portrait! All portraits are hand-drawn by me, using colored pencil and pastels!  Read what Kim has to say about Sebastian's portrait: 

"Cherie did a portrait of my English bulldog puppy, Sebastian and she captured him exactly. Right down to seeing all the wrinkles on his face and head. Cherie, you did such a fantastic job, thank you so much"



Yellow Lab Photo  Yellow Lab Photo

two yellow labs dog portrait painting

Two Labs, Spirit and Sienna's separate photos. I combined them both together in the same portrait!  This is what Margaret said about her portrait she got as a birthday gift:

 "WOW!!!!! My husband surprised me with a portrait of our two dogs and I absolutely love it!!!!I can not believe how real it came out, I saw the portrait via e-mail but the actual drawing came out remarkably life like. Thank you Cherie and God Bless"



alaskan malamute    alaskan malamute dog portrait painting

On the top is Cheyenne's the Alaskan Malamute's photo that I used as a reference for her portrait.  Below her photo is Cheyenne's finished portrait, and her mom just loves it! This is what Becky said about her portrait: 

"This lady is phenomenal!!!!  Her prices are great too and sizes to chose from......The portrait looks exactly like the pic I sent her and she sends regular updates and does it in less than a week. Just wanted to share the wonderful work that Cherie does and I am going to have her do all my dogs next..... Becky"




beagle dog portrait painting pet portraits by cherie

Photo of Freddie the Beagle, and his finished portrait below.  When I drew his portrait, I removed the background that was in the photograph and put in a nice gray pastel color to highlight all of his beautiful colors! 

Read what Jackie said about Freddie's portrait:
"The portrait is perfect. It couldn't look any more like my little Freddie.



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