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Creating a Portrait of a Rottweiler
and Yellow Lab

Rottweiler and Yellow Lab photos

I was commissioned to draw this beautiful Rottweiler named Maggie and her best friend Suzie the Yellow Lab. They are drawn together in this portrait as a memorial and tribute to two wonderful companions. Shown above are the actual photos I drew their portrait from.

Rotweiler Lab Portrait - Stage 1     Rottweiler & Lab Portrait - Stage 2

This is the first stage of creating a portrait. I draw thumbnail sketches to decide on the design of the portrait with the two dogs. The above pencil sketch that shows where each dog will be placed on the paper.


Next I draw in the color on the dog nearest to the top, Maggie.  Her mom says she was as smart and sweet as she was beautiful !  I draw in thousands of short, tiny pencil lines representing the fur of the Rottweiler, all the while paying attention to which direction the fur is going in. Highlights on her fur are drawn in next for dimension and realism.

Rottweiler & Lab Portrait - Stage 3

Finally, the second dog Suzie, the Yellow Labrador, is drawn in.  Highlights showing the light shining on the dog's fur are also drawn in.  Eye detail is checked once again before completion. Eyes are the most important feature on an animal showing their unique personality. Shown above is the finished portrait showing both Maggie and Suzie together.

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